Why do Youths need to be trained in events planning?

You’re probably wondering…

Why do youths need to be trained in Events Planning, anyway? We ask, Why Not?

Here are 7 valuable reasons why:

1. On top of events planning skills, they will also be able to pick up beneficial Life-skills specifically Leadership, Teambuilding, Communication and Problem-Solving Skills concurrently.

2. Youths will get a real taste of what events planning is like in the working world and would be able to prepare them adequately for what’s to come.

3. Skill of events planning is applicable to all industries (in their future).

4. We know how fickle young minds can be. The Events planning skills attained will let them experience how to prioritize and make smart decisions, tuning their brains to make sharp, clever and efficient decisions.

5. Freedom to use the events planning skills gained for personal uses – i.e. birthday parties, school reunions, weddings.

6. The skill of events planning gives them an extra advantage over their peers in the future and instead of planning, will be the ones leading the team.

7. The end result: Youths will get instant gratification and satisfaction once their event is successfully finished and completed.