Why Us?

Think of it this way:

A Superhero lies within every Youth. Like all other superheroes, they need sidekicks to support and assist them along the way.

That’s Us!

Events Sidekicks + Youths = Experience. Embrace. Empower.

1. Our range of programmes allows you to choose the one that you are most comfortable with so that the programme will benefit you (and youths) more.

2. The Sidekicks believe strongly in the power of experiential learning and empowering them to explore, experience and develop their skills in events planning without spoon-feeding them. We empower youths to be the superheroes because after all, we are their Sidekicks! 🙂

3. We let youths learn the real deal : Trade Secrets, Tips, Resources & Actual Event Scenarios for them to learn from. None of the information used are edited, allowing youths to have a taste of what it means to be event planners.

4. Fun as a basic element, the youths will have plenty of thinking games, sharing and show & tell sessions. These components give them a platform to improve their communication and presentations skills at the same time!

5. We cover ALL aspects of events planning processes– from conceptualization to execution to post-event. Not only will youths be provided with guidebooks, they can also use the same event blueprint for all other events that they might be planning in the future!

6. The best thing is, Events Planning Sidekicks is managed by a wacky bunch of personalities with great (and some quirky) ideas. Our goal is to provide you with a fantastic experience with a zany twist!