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Mudd&Nadd supports the Singapore 2010 – Youth Olympic Games!

Being an inaugural event and ultimately the event of the year for 2010, we see this as an opportunity for us to be part of the festivities. An opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime and we certainly see ourselves as part of this history-making event!

The higher hierarchies at Mudd&Nadd have gathered together to brainstorm and discuss. We have conjured up a fantastic proposal on how YOG can be infused into our existing programmes.

To receive our exclusive proposal which includes the cost and other exciting useful information, please fill up and submit the form below.

Note: This proposal is ONLY open to Schools in Singapore, please request for the proposal by inputting your Official School Email Address below.


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Our Dedication to Moulding Youths
Taking the lead from the Education Ministry’s Motto – “Moulding the Future of Our Nation”, We at Mudd&Nadd view our position as an extension beyond the academic curriculum. Our mission is to equip the future leaders with the necessary life and soft skills through our unique Events Sidekicks Youths – Events Planning Training Programmes.

On the surface, events planning might appear all hype and fun but beneath the surface there lies a plethora of untapped learning vehicles available for these youths to explore and learn from. Skills such as Leadership, Management, Communication and Decision Making amongst other things are essential for youths to acquire in this ever-changing dynamic economy. At Mudd&Nadd, We believe Events Planning is one of the many effective tools available that set the stage for this exciting learning discovery.

Set within the backdrop of fun and experiential learning, our programmes are carefully crafted to meet the specific learning needs and objectives for these active Youths. We are confident that through our programmes, youths will reach a high level of epiphany and ultimately self discover their untapped potential!

That’s a Sidekick’s Promise!