Sidekick’s Training Offering!

Our Exciting Programmes!

Take a trip with the Sidekicks! Based on a moving seminar concept, discover behind-the-scene mechanics of events planning. Shared by our very own sidekicks, be assured that we have lots to share!
Delve deeper into the inner workings of events planning. This 2 days workshop will introduce participants to the different components of an event. And as part of the workshop, participants can expect to kick-start their planning process!
Get going with the planning process! Crash course into the world of events planning. Get ready for a jammed-packed-wacky-to-the-max 3days 2nights camp. This boot camp will get participants planning for an actual event. And at the end of the it all, they can be proud to have an event blueprint ready!
Need an expert’s advice? Don’t fret! This mentoring programme will have Sidekicks attached to the planning committee. The Sidekicks will assist in overseeing the planning and execution process as well as provide valuable insights and ideas! Expect a quality service, that’s a sidekicks’ promise!