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Agenda and Minutes Auditions Score Sheet
While there are many forms of agenda and minutes taking, this simple template helps to neatly sort out your details into the different columns and topics. The
Agenda & Minutes template makes it easier for you to standardize the recording of minutes for all your meetings.
The Auditions Score Sheet is a great template for you to rate, judge and categorize criterias for competitions or games (eg. Best Dressed Award).
Clear cut and easy to understand, this template can be customised to suit your own criteria.
Collective Programme Event Brief For Guests
A collated document that encompasses all information you need on your programme, the Collective Programme template helps you consolidate and update any documents and changes easily. Each sheet comes with a specific objective; be it keeping track of your deadliines, or simply just for the contact details of your committee member – it’s all you need in one document! You know, you don’t need to tell your guests every single detail. This
Event Brief (for guests) simplifies and narrows down the important details that your guests should know, without revealing too much information that just adds to all their clutter. Simple, clear and concise, this template is especially useful as a communication tool for important notices and an easy to refer to list for them.
Events Proposal Template Games Collective
Got an idea ready? Great! This Events Proposal template helps you catalogue your thoughts and ideas down into the different headings and planning sub-committees. All that’s left for you to do is string your ideas together, sit down & start typing! 🙂 Games Collective is a great tool for you to use if you’re organising an event that has a lot of games and logistics. Think of this as a games brief for your facilitators, so that you don’t have to be a broken tape recorder and repeat the same thing over and over again. All they need to do is refer to the Games Collective and you’re all set.
Income & Expenditure Statement Post Event Report
Keeping tabs of your finances is as important as actually having any money at all! The Income & Expenditure Statement template helps you keep track of what you’re spending, where you’re getting your funds from (read: sponsors!) and how much you have left to spend. Divided by the different committees there are, the formula in place will help you to add, minus, and calculate the remaining balance. The Post-Event Report is just like caramelized cherry atop icing; it’s the last thing a chef puts on his cake before it’s finally finito. Similarly, the post-event report signifies the end of your event. It covers every detail – from pre to post to things to improve on. A good reference tool for your future events!
Prize List Score Sheet Sample
Like a shopping list, the Prize List keeps track of the proposed things you need to buy for prizes (think: lucky draw!). With a calculation formula in place, all you need to do is type the details in and you’d have rough idea of what you’ll probably be spending. Although similar to the Audition Score Sheet template, the Score Sheet helps to clearly list out winner of competitions and games. Used usually for round-robin games or team games, the template and the different criteria are at your discretion.