1 Who are the Events Planning Sidekicks & what does Events Sidekicks Youths mean?
Sidekicks, or Events Planning Sidekicks, are enthusiastic people with great dedication to events, from conceptualization to planning to simply thinking about events. Basically anything to do with events!

Not only do we love to plan events, the Sidekicks love to dedicate their time and knowledge to train and mentor Youths in events planning. Aptly named Events Sidekicks Youths & designed especially for these energetic youths, these programmes let them experience, indulge and immerse themselves in anything related to planning events!

In short, Events Sidekicks Youths are all about Events Planning programmes just for Youths!

2 What are the programmes that Events Sidekicks Youth offer?
The Events Sidekicks Youth Offer:

a. Events Exposure

This 1-day seminar aims to expose youths to the fundamentals of events planning. Focusing on the general aspect of events with interactive breakout sessions, the seminar will be a great way to introduce basic events concepts & open up the world of events to youths.

b. Events Planning Exploration Workshop

Youths will be able to do just that – Explore Events Planning & the many different factors that come with it. The 2-day workshop might be a good way to hook youths to events. With case studies, sharing sessions & theoretical exercises on events planning, youths will get a hands-on experience on what it takes to plan an event.

c. Events Planning Development Programme

What better way to really go in-depth into events planning than living, breathing, experiencing the events planning process in a 3 days 2 nights camp? Encompassing the different aspects of the other Sidekick programmes, the camp exposes events to students; letting them explore each component, experience the tasks & processes involved and develops their own concepts and plan for an actual event. Who says picking up a skill is boring? We make it fun! 😀

d. Events Planning Mentoring Programme (Especially for Youth Olympic Games)

We’re here to assist! Why? Because Youths are the Superheroes & we’re the Sidekicks. The Sidekicks will be by their side throughout their entire planning process, imparting useful skills and knowledge that will help them plan a programme for the whole school.

At the end of the programme, not only will the youths have learnt all aspects of events planning, they would have applied all their knowledge planning and executing an actual event for the entire school!

3 So tell me…Why should I choose Events Sidekicks for Youths?
a. Our range of programmes allows you to choose the one that you are most comfortable with so that the programme will benefit you (and youths) more.

b. The Sidekicks believe strongly in the power of experiential learning and giving youths enough freedom for them to explore, experience and develop their skills in events planning without spoon-feeding them. We empower youths to be the superheroes because after all, we are their Sidekicks!

c. We let youths learn the real deal: trade secrets, tips, resources & actual event scenarios for them to learn from. None of the information used are edited, allowing youths to have a taste of what it means to be event planners.

d. Fun as a basic element, the youths will have plenty of thinking games, sharing and show & tell sessions. These components give them a platform to improve their communication and presentations skills at the same time!

e. We cover ALL aspects of events planning processes– from conceptualization to execution to post-event. Not only will youths be provided with guidebooks, they can also use the same event blueprint for all other events that they might be planning in the future!

f. The best thing is, Events Planning Sidekicks is managed by a wacky bunch of personalities with great (and some quirky) ideas. Our goal is to provide you with a fantastic experience with a zany twist!

4 Can anyone use the Events Sidekicks Youth Programmes or is it just specifically for Schools and Institutions?
Good news!

Anyone can use this Service, as long as it is for youths! Most importantly, the training programmes fit the target group of the youngsters that you have in mind!

5 I am interested in the Events Sidekicks Youth Programmes. How do I let the Sidekicks know?
Firstly, thank you for your interest in us!

Secondly, you can fill up a contact form or e-mail us at hello@muddnadd.com for any enquiries, to just say hello or set up an appointment with us. We’d love to hear from you!

6 I’ve sent out an e-mail. How long would I have to wait for the Sidekicks to get back to me?
The Sidekicks would get back to you within 3 working days after the e-mail is sent. Make sure you have included your name and contact and we’ll get back to you.

That’s a Sidekicks promise! 🙂

7 Besides Events Planning for Youths, what other Services do the Events Planning Sidekicks offer?
Events Planning Sidekicks offer:

Pick & Choose: Specially for events planners and project managers, we help to maximize your budget whilst still giving the best for you. Think research, crew staffing and planning services, then divided into specific roles. All you need to do is pick out the tasks that you need to be done, fill in the form and let us know. We’ll be glad to complete these tasks!

Full Planning Service: If what you need is full-on conceptualization to planning to execution, then the Events Planning Sidekicks can lend you our hands! What you get is traditional events planning, with plenty of innovative ideas and lots of youthful energy to execute.

Our strength lies in conceptualization and we believe that a strong concept begets a brilliant event. To help you better, fill up the questionnaire form, outlining your key event details and we’ll help you start your events planning by starting the pre conceptualizing for you (it’s on us!).

8 How do I get in touch with the Events Planning Sidekicks?
Thank you for your interest in the Events Planning Sidekicks. If you’d like to know more about us, do visit, www.eventsplanningsidekicks.com.

From the Events Planning Sidekicks Page, you can fill up a Contact Us form. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to hello@muddnadd.com.

9 Who is Mudd&Nadd and how are they related to Events Planning Sidekicks & Events Sidekicks – Youths?
Mudd&Nadd are zany people who talk, think and tell about events planning all day, everyday! We love to plan events as much as you do! Over at Mudd&Nadd, we have a newsletter subscription, a blog, a concierge service, the very useful Events Planning Sidekicks, and of course, Events Sidekicks for Youths.
10 How do I find out more about Mudd&Nadd?
You can visit our website at www.muddnadd.com to find out more!