The Two Wolves


In my life’s research I would believe the source will be unknown. This comic has reminded me as a Buddhist principle. The answers are from within and the battle of the mind vs. the heart. Whatever the source, it most certainly came from a person of self-knowledge.


What does the older Native mean when he says that all of us have 2 wolves inside of us?

  • Humans have two different natures inside us, represented by the ‘wolves’. Since we have free will, it is up to us to decide which ‘wolf’ will win. If we keep concentrating on our bad side, and doing actions that will contribute to us being ‘bad’, then the bad side of us will win. However, if we concentrate on our good deeds and repress our ‘bad side’, then our good side will shine through.

Do you agree that there are 2 wolves inside of us?

  • Yes. As human beings, we always have 2 sides and are conflicted as to which side is the ‘good’ (the one we should cultivate), and which side is the ‘bad’ (the one we should repress). Therefore, we should first identify the different sides of us, through self-reflection.
  • Learning point: Need to reflect on yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses, and ‘feed’/concentrate on your strengths more than your weaknesses.

How does one ‘feed’ the ‘good wolf’?

  • Being aware of your negative characteristics but choosing to control them, and concentrate on your good characteristics instead. We can manifest the good characteristics through practising good habits and doing good deeds.

Why is self-reflection important?

  • Everybody makes mistakes, and self reflection is important so that we can learn from past mistakes.
  • When we learn from past mistakes, then it helps us to improve ourselves because we learn not to repeat those same mistakes, and we get wiser.

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