Street Smart Leaders

Be a Street Smart Leader! Experiential in nature, students will be exposed to essential leadership skills that are easy to grasp, understand and practise. Aimed at bringing out the greatness in every student, our programmes are carefully designed to follow a practical train of thought and a progressive step-by-step developmental process.

We believe leadership has to be personified and we have selected a wide variety of core skills that are essential to develop an awesome leader. Students will be exposed to Communication, Time Management, Problem Solving and Decision Making skills through real-life hands-on experiences.

With constant reflections and feedbacks, we are confident that the programmes will allow students to explore and draw out their hidden abilities & natural talents.

A street smart experience for street smart leaders!


Let’s Play!

Fresh, quirky and out-of-the-box programmes! The programmes are carefully developed to be Interactive, Fun and most importantly, Educational.

With basic core values of Teamwork, Excellence and Respect imbued in every programme, you can be sure students will receive a holistic learning experience. Backed by our proprietary Sidekick’s Playground Method, students will be allowed to explore solutions and opportunities in a safety net of a sandbox guided by our trainers.

LEARNING while PLAYING has never been so FUN!


Outdoor Adventure Knowledge

Learn skills, tips and tricks of preparing a great outdoor adventure! Students will be equipped with essential knowledge to prepare them for the great outdoors.

Outdoor skills such as map reading, orienteering, camp craft, buddy aid, knots & lashing and other fundamental skills will be imparted to the students, allowing them to rough it out safely and truly enjoy being outdoors!

For team leaders, the “Camp Planning Workshop” will empower students with practical knowledge to plan their own awesome camps! Team leaders can also look forward to designing their own teambuilding games, amazing races and even plan a local outdoor adventure hike with our “Planning Games, Activities & Adventures Workshop”.

Let’s have an outdoor adventure!


“I’m an Events Planner!”

Our signature programme! What better way to learn Leadership, Communication, Time Management, Problem Solving and Decision Making skills through real-life hands-on experiences.

Our programmes will NOT only teach students what to do and how to do it, we will in fact let them have the experience of running an event first-hand! Conducted by events planners who have had many experience for both schools and public events, be assured our methods are proven, straightforward and are easy to understand.

Imagine the amount of experiential learning these active students will get to gain – LIMITLESS!


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